Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Production Update: 15/05/2012

Today we've had a really productive day at the studio as we have covered quite a lot of shots for our project. We have been keeping to a very strict schedule which has been shared throughout the group and has constantly been updated by our team director and producer. 
Monday night, Katie and Jen striked the foyer set and set up the next set (shoe shop interior). It is a smaller set so we are using 2 trestles and 3 lights. 

Tuesday began by preparing the puppets for animating, (repairing hands, tightening joints etc). In shot 32, we wanted Grandpa to stand up and admire his shoes whilst Fred steps into shot. We added extra flooring infront of the set so that Fred could be closer to the camera. taking the frame of a spare prop chair, we glued it to the floor and gaffa taped Fred on top. The camera was positioned at a low angle to look through the chair frame, and then fred's legs come down over the camera's point of view. 

Kendra animated Grandpa, whilst Moses animated Fred.

Our whole team was here today which really helped us push our level of productivity as different shots were assigned to each member - which worked really well, as it started with Katie and Jen animating  Grandpa listening to a shoe (the spats) and then Moses animating Fred's hand beginning to move followed by Kendra animating Grandpa putting his new shoes on and reacting to Fred coming to life. 
The trickiest part is checking continuity. Jen had reshoot the scene where grandpa ties his laces, so we could include an extra scene before it.  

The two photo's below is a look at our shot list and the ones marked with red are shots we have completed, and as you can see in the photos we have a little bit more to go which are all shorter shots, that contain stills, shorter timings and minimal movement shots.


As the day went on Katie shared between each of us still shots to clean up so that we are ahead of things when it comes to post-production. We completed 5 shots also today as this was our target today, which were the shorter shots. The schedule is in constant flux as we plough through scenes, dropping scenes which don't work, combining other scenes and adding extra scenes for continuity. Each day we have an outline of the shots to be completed, and then when we have completed the daily quota, we try to squeeze in another shot or two.

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