Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Music score and choreographing the dance

Katie went to a church hall in Plumpton to film Ellie and Morgan dancing as Grandpa and Fred (respectively). This was in the early stages of mapping out the dance for the animatic.

Thursday 12th April, Katie and Jen went to Brighton Electric Recording Studios. The Swing Ninjas had booked a session to record a new piece of music for us. We also had the dancers, Graeme and Amanda there to record tapping sounds of the dancing shoes. Will recorded several takes of the music (a version of just the music, one with dancing and music together and one with just the dancing.) so that he could be flexible with the editing.

Then on Tuesday 24th April, Katie went down to Brighton (9pm-11pm) to record Graeme and Amanda dancing the final routine in their studio.

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