Friday, 4 May 2012

Easter Pre-Production - Shop props

Over the easter break we all had quite a few things to catch up on before returning to university after the holidays, as at this time we all had our busy schedules but we all tried hard to create what was needed for our set.

Katie created quite a lot of props to go into the window displays for both the shop front and lingerie section. She also created some pairs of miniature underwear for lingerie section by sewing different parts of material together. She also made some makeup stand items (perfumes, mirrors, lipstick, makeup brushes and clothing line pegs) along with casting our main puppets head out of silicon.

Kendra did a great job as she helped to create the many pairs of shoes and shoe boxes for our shoe section, the shoes are all made out super sculpti which we all had a go at using to create different props and items, which was quite tricky to use as we not only had to created the props needed but we had to bake them aswell. 

While making these shoes Kendra discovered her passion for shoes which came in handy here.

Niz our fist year animation student helped us out also by creating some lovely sofas, shoe stands and gold table - which all look really amazing.

Moses here helped to create our lovely fountain which has a little fountain piece of Gene Kelly, who has been our greatest inspiration to this project, we also discovered through him that we have a 3D workshop at our university, which is where we sent Moses to help cut our all our wood and acrylic acetate for our set's windows and set designs.

The water fountains base was made from MDF wood cut out in the 3D workshop and the centre piece/stand from super sculpti which was also baked to harden and paint.

Jen did a great job at sculpting and casting Grandma's head from placaline which really looks great, as it took quite a while to create her head because of her character design - but Jen managed to create a great look for her hair style as she sculpted this patiently and then casted with silicon along with Grandma's legs too. 

Jen then went on to cast the mannequins using fast cast and this helped to really speed up the process of producing the mannequins which will all be in our animation.

And in the end this is what our set looked like once we brought our props together!

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