Sunday, 29 April 2012

Grandpa and Fred intro

This is the one of the key shots where Fred is introduced to 
Grandpa as Fred decides to be a bit cheeky towards Grandpa.

Katie and Moses both took turns to animate this scene with Fred included,
as Katie animated Granada and Moses animated Fred.

Key frames were quite tricky to animate in this particular shot as a lot of movement
with both puppets and props was a little tricky to do - but they managed to get it sorted.

Above we have a shot of Grandpa from Fred's point of view.
Next to it is Grandpa's shoe that Jen had been working on also that day.
It's covered really neatly with some black cloth she brought in.

So Grandpa's got a new pair of shoes! and is delighted 
whereas Fred is quite surprised at it all.

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