Sunday, 15 January 2012


Shoes! is one of the final major projects for FDA Animation year two at London College of Communication. It will be a stop motion animation and the idea for the story is inspired by my love of anything from another era – in this case, MGM films, 1950s design and Gene Kelly!

The Shoes! team: Jen Newman is our producer, Moses Kanneh is our designer and Kendra Lee Smith is our props designer. These are our official roles, but all four of us will have a go at all aspects of the making of the film.

This blog will be a bank for all of the ideas, inspiration, design work and animation tests created by my lovely team and myself. You can follow the process of making a stop motion animation and see our progress as it takes shape over the coming months.

Firstly, here is the first draft of the animatic. It is presently in the process of being polished, but this is the initial idea for the structure of the film.

Untitled from Katie Sommers on Vimeo.

Katie Sommers

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